What do you think is the best music creation software?

jay_p asked: I’m looking for music creation software that has it’s own digital music and will let you create real music, not just loops. I like rock music but also like trance/Electronic. Any suggestions?
digital music, I meant instruments…

what can i use?

Mr. LHP asked: what can i use to create digital music on my computer (for example, a digitally made remix) something like a midi, but only it sounds like the real stuff and is usually in mp3 or ogg?

Does anyone know a company that will field surveys on-line for you?

baum002001 asked: I’ve created a survey to ask mass consumers their opinions about digital music. I need a web site where I can post this survey with reasonable traffic. Does anyone know of a company or service that helps you get responses for your survey?

I have created nice digital music, and its been sitting on my computer for almost 5 years?

GreenLeaf asked: How do I make money off of them? Please don’t direct me to any site or anything where you haven’t made any money yourself. I want to know something that has already worked for you that I can use to make money off my music as well.

Physical Cds vs. Digital Music ? $$?

Leo asked:
Which would get me more profit ?:
In my case as an independent artist (paying for all the services directly from my pocket) looking to sell my own music:
Selling online digital music (downloading)? or Selling physical Cd albums?
I mean, getting an online service that would handle selling my music in a digital downloadable format, as [...]

Create digital sheet music using a keyboard?

lukeisluke asked: What kind of software is there out there (if there is any) that would allow me to create a score by playing music on a keyboard that is connected to a computer?
I am just beginning to look into this and even a push in the right direction would helpful.

Can anyone help with creating music?

“You are not Alone” MJ asked: How do I write music? I am a dancer but I’m taking this digital music class and I have to create my own music, can anyone help me and if you have something just tell me. Thank you guys.!!!

What program do you use to create digital music with supplied instruments?

BMW asked: I have been looking for a program that has many included sounds of instruments and such, and allows advanced editing and loops of certain keys and so on. I had a program that was pretty neat a long time ago, but I can’t remember the name… any ideas?

I need a program to create music?

Shadow Lor asked:
Preferably free. I’ve just gotten into composing digital music and I can’t seem to find any programs. Idk if there’s any freeware that’s good…if not, what’s the cheapest but quality program out there?? I already have Finale Notepad and Finale Allegro, but Allegro has really poor quality chords. Help!
PS I forgot to mention [...]