Need a Good Microphone for use with USB Sound Blaster Digital Music Premium HD?

Tony asked: I’d like to create vocal and music files and looking for a microphone to use with SB-DM-PHD. It has to be a stereo condenser microphone and either 3.5mm or 6.3mm will do just fine since I have a 3.5mm to 6.3 converter. I’m not looking for a headset nor a cheap to-be-used-with-skype-and-chat. I’d [...]

Where do I begin if I want to create music using just a computer?

Hayden asked: This isn’t my profession or anything and I’m completely amateur, but sometimes I come up with tunes in my head that I’d like to save somewhere and work with. I don’t play an instrument but just want to experience with creating tunes with some sort of digital program. Does this sort of thing [...]

Create digital sheet music using a keyboard?

lukeisluke asked: What kind of software is there out there (if there is any) that would allow me to create a score by playing music on a keyboard that is connected to a computer?
I am just beginning to look into this and even a push in the right direction would helpful.

Can anyone help with creating music?

“You are not Alone” MJ asked: How do I write music? I am a dancer but I’m taking this digital music class and I have to create my own music, can anyone help me and if you have something just tell me. Thank you guys.!!!

Is anybody into Pc. digital recording studio? you know create your own music?

chikko asked: I am trying to set up a PC recording studio, here at home, but I’ve encountered, several problems, for example well first of all, the name of the software is GIGASTUDIO 3.0 and CUBASE LE, 1.08 OEM. also have a TASCAM US-122 INTERFACE, about my computer, ( windows XP, 80gb hard drive, [...]

What program do you use to create digital music with supplied instruments?

BMW asked: I have been looking for a program that has many included sounds of instruments and such, and allows advanced editing and loops of certain keys and so on. I had a program that was pretty neat a long time ago, but I can’t remember the name… any ideas?

Is there a future for recorded music?

-:¦:-SKY-:¦:- asked: If music and songs continue to be accessible via free digital downloading?
Will songwriters, musicians and producers continue to create new music if they are not compensated for their creativity and subsequent efforts?
Kinda what I was thinkin.