What do you think is the best music creation software?

jay_p asked: I’m looking for music creation software that has it’s own digital music and will let you create real music, not just loops. I like rock music but also like trance/Electronic. Any suggestions?
digital music, I meant instruments…

How do I convert nero digital audio files to mp3?

jen694169 asked: I have tried searching on the net for related answers to my question, but there does not seem to be any. Does anyone know how to convert nero digital audio files to MP3? I am trying to create a backup DVD of all my music, and I wanted to have them [...]

Which digital photo program is best?

dgrace18 asked: I want to be able to edit pictures, add backgrounds, create slideshows, create videos of my pictures with sound and music, etc. What is the best program for this? I’m looking at MS Digital Image, is this a good program?

what can i use?

Mr. LHP asked: what can i use to create digital music on my computer (for example, a digitally made remix) something like a midi, but only it sounds like the real stuff and is usually in mp3 or ogg?

What is the best software to create a slide show set to music on DVD?

mslorikoch asked: I want to create DVD’s for grandparents Christmas gifts that contain a slid show of my favorite digital pictures of the family, with a music background. The DVD needs to be able to play on regular TV DVD players. Is there a good program to purchase for this sort of thing?
I also [...]

online digital music makers?

actressbubbles asked: this is a weird question, but is there any FREE websites where you can use your computer (i.e. keyboard and/or mouse) to create instrumental sounds that you can save to your computer? like guitar, piano, keyboard, etc.

How do I add sound to a homemade VIDEO made with digital camera?

Murray G asked: I use picasa and the option to make a movie is great. However, I want to add background music of my own from MP3 or other music to the movie I created. What can I do with XP? Is there a simple freeware software out there?

Can anyone recommend a good program to create Photo Slideshows on DVD (preferably a freeware program)?

Gold_Nugget asked: I want to create a DVD where when someone puts in the disc, they can choose which slideshow to view (menu page).
I want to be able to include Music and Home Videos (from a digital camera) too.

Where can I learn to create digital music?

Robert P asked: Basically, what I want is to be able to come up with a great piece of music in my head, and then transfer that onto my computer. I want to create orchestral pieces for my own entertainment.
Where can I find software that gives me access to a library of digital instruments, the [...]

What music software can I use to remove the vocals from a song? I also need to be able to digitize new vocals?

JD asked: I would like to create remixes of songs by removing the vocals of songs and then I would like to add new vocals with a digital effect to the vocals

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