Creating and Recording Songs?

Chika D. asked: What type of eletronic or digital keyboard should I get, because I want to create the songs I write into music. What keyboard has everything instrument and also vocal recording so that I will be able to sing with it. Also is there any good music recording software for computers to edit [...]

Making a digital story on my Indian-American culture.any songs that would go with this theme? look in please?

[brown♥eyed♥girl] asked: I am looking for a song (doesn’t matter if it’s Indian or American) to be the background music in the digital story I am creating for school. I am talking about how being raised in two cultures has raised my awareness for the cultures, and has had a positive aspect on my life [...]

I have created nice digital music, and its been sitting on my computer for almost 5 years?

GreenLeaf asked: How do I make money off of them? Please don’t direct me to any site or anything where you haven’t made any money yourself. I want to know something that has already worked for you that I can use to make money off my music as well.

Physical Cds vs. Digital Music ? $$?

Leo asked:
Which would get me more profit ?:
In my case as an independent artist (paying for all the services directly from my pocket) looking to sell my own music:
Selling online digital music (downloading)? or Selling physical Cd albums?
I mean, getting an online service that would handle selling my music in a digital downloadable format, as [...]

Create digital sheet music using a keyboard?

lukeisluke asked: What kind of software is there out there (if there is any) that would allow me to create a score by playing music on a keyboard that is connected to a computer?
I am just beginning to look into this and even a push in the right direction would helpful.