Software and a digital record for DJ?

cazattack asked: I happended to be intrested in remixing music and everything just 2years ago, using LIVE SYSTEM,immitating to remix music as a DJ. Sometimes there are good music which I created. I heard that there are sets of tools like— I want to know what brand is the best, compare on price,function and [...]

What do I need to create a good digital audio workstation (DAW) for my home studio?

gina h asked: I am a composer for piano, but am looking to get into computer music. I already have a computer and Pro Tools for mBox 1. I also already have a synthesizer and some Rockit speakers. Is it necessary for me to get other programs? Should I still buy a mixer?

How do I learn digital/midi sequencing software to create electronica music?

Michele N asked: I’ve played keyboard and composed music all my life. I want to create electronica and produce my music, but I have to learn how to use the midi sequencing software. Which software is the best? Where can I learn to use it? Is there an instructional class somewhere? (I live in Dallas.) [...]

What is the best way to store a massive digital music library and browse within it?

Nicole C asked: I currently use itunes on a mac powerbook with dwindling memory. I have lots of digital music stored to several harddrives. What is the best way to consolidate my music and easily browse, create playlists, and playback?

I’m creating a digital music library from CD’s, which audio file format should I use and why?

ILLUMINOVA asked: Here is my dilemma, I want to consolidate all of my music to a huge hard drive. I have thousands of CD’s and want to know which file format will sound best (and at what kbps I should import) and be the most “universal” should I in the future want to get [...]

Transferring music on ipod to new account and computer?

irepresstheband asked:
I have a new laptop and would like to create a new iTunes account on it. However, before I do it, I would like to know if there is any way to copy the music on my iPod to a new account on a different computer. I am also thinking about buying a Touch [...]

I have a digital music platform I am creating. I need a tag line that is going to catch people’s eye?

bRIAN M asked: The platform is for digital music that can be used in devices in your car, home (PC/TV) and mobile devices.
I need a catchy slogan that is going to appeal to a mass audience of music listeners.

music production: Do I need a mixer and digital multi track recorder?

lightning asked: in a home music production studio do I need a mixer and digital multi track recorder, or will a digital multitrack recorder like a Boss BR 1600 CD, or recording software like pro tools and acid do the job alone without a mixer, (and what do I need to create the [...]

Are vinyl records making a come back?

The Romantic Warrior asked: I am 40 plus years old, once upon a time music(Audio) quality ruled out over music portability(Ipod, Mp3, Etc.). Is music created through electronic instruments best reproduced through digital means and music created through acoustic instruments best reproduced through analog means? Is a Moog synthesiser best reproduced on C.D. and a [...]