Which is better? Digital recording or Computer recording?

lilpopprincessqt asked: I’m a singer/songwriter and I’m really interested in starting to produce my own music to take on some more creative control. But I’m not really sure how to start. I’d basically have to set up my own in home recording studio. I’m looking for something I can understand and teach [...]

Can anyone help with creating music?

“You are not Alone” MJ asked: How do I write music? I am a dancer but I’m taking this digital music class and I have to create my own music, can anyone help me and if you have something just tell me. Thank you guys.!!!

Is anybody into Pc. digital recording studio? you know create your own music?

chikko asked: I am trying to set up a PC recording studio, here at home, but I’ve encountered, several problems, for example well first of all, the name of the software is GIGASTUDIO 3.0 and CUBASE LE, 1.08 OEM. also have a TASCAM US-122 INTERFACE, about my computer, ( windows XP, 80gb hard drive, [...]

I wonder how people invented the digital bass in most english songs back in the 80`s?

Krish K asked: Creating sounds without any digital appliance in it`s operation has a very different, more sort-of natural feel to the sound produced than that of the one we her in most english songs in the 80`s and 90`s. The sound for that period must have been a break-through for the music industry.
But [...]