| Musician needs help creating a makeshift home studio?

Musician needs help creating a makeshift home studio?

KurtR asked:

I use (extensively) a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder to lay down ideas and demos. It has the perfect warmth, and is much more basic and not as convoluted as many digital multi-track recorders. I have many mics, guitars, effects, cables…everything I need to make a mini-home studio for creating demos and fleshing out ideas.

But I’ve begun to need more than 4 tracks. And I can’t seem to find a multi-track cassette recorder that can make more than four. Here’s my question:

1. Is there a multi-track cassette recorder that can create more than 4 tracks?
2. Is there a mixing “box”/board I can run instruments through to increase the amount of instruments recorded on each track…so I can cheat and get two or three instruments on each track versus just 1?

My goal is to create an inexpensive, analog mini-studio in my home so I can continue to enjoy creating music and having a great time. But I’m getting to the point where I need 7,8, or even 9 tracks! Keeping the warmth and purity of analog is crucial to me – I’ve used digital before and it sounds too crisp and fake. What do you think would be a good solution?

Thanks! :)

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One Response to “Musician needs help creating a makeshift home studio?”

  1. Mikethedrummer on September 12th, 2011 1:37 am

    Well….you could upgrade to a 8 Track Tascam recorder…


    You could get a Lexicon Omega or Lambda External Recording Hard Drive for around $300…They come preloaded with Cubase recording software on it too…you just plug in the cables and record….simple.
    Cubase is really good stuff because I’ve used real Recording Studios in the past who used it and it’s a crystal clear sound. Cubase by itself is a $600 recording software program.

    You can check out the Lexicon Omega or Lambda recording Hard Drives here on

    hope this helps and good luck on it…