| Is this a good business idea?

Is this a good business idea?

Robert Weinstein asked:

Hi. I’m 15 and I want to start my own online company. I want to make real money ($100-$300 a day), not kid money. I don’t want to start an affiliate marketing business, but I want to start an online service company of some sort. Reseller hosting is a very saturated industry so here are my other ideas.

1. A digital music distribution/marketing company. There is a site called Tunecore which lets people sell their songs on iTunes. But for my company, we would find new bands/artists and provide that service for them. We would also provide a wide variety of marketing services. We could build band websites and market them on Facebook and other social networking sites. I could probably charge $100 for the site, and $70-$150 per album placed on iTunes (they would keep 100% royalties, they only pay the one time fee).

2. I found a free web script that lets you create a website where bands/artists can create profiles, share their music, and listeners can rate, share, chat, follow, etc. It is sort of like purevolume.com, but aiming at a smaller niche of new bands and artists. We would make money from ads and affiliate products :) .

3. I’ve been looking, and they dont have websites that review bands. It might take a long time to write reviews though.

4. A website where people can buy and sell websites/domains. Like flippa.com, but I’m positive the industry is not really saturated, and I could make some money. I would charge a fee if the transaction is successful.

5. Lots of phone review sites go a lot into depth about phones, that it sometimes can be confusing. I have gotten a lot of feedback from elders saying that people in the phone stores are useless. I was thinking of making a site that reviews cell phones, but just gets to the point (who the phone is for, best features, pros, cons, final recommendation).

What other things could I do to make a lot of money ($100-$300 a day) online? Are any of my ideas good? Please don’t say I should’t post ideas on YahooAnswers, because i just want some feedback. I really want to know how to make a lot of money online.

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