| Where can I learn to create digital music?

Where can I learn to create digital music?

Robert P asked:

Basically, what I want is to be able to come up with a great piece of music in my head, and then transfer that onto my computer. I want to create orchestral pieces for my own entertainment.

Where can I find software that gives me access to a library of digital instruments, the ability to lay them down in a manner of my choosing, and then export the whole shebang in an mp3 format for as little money as possible?

And then, after that, where can I learn to use the software?

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One Response to “Where can I learn to create digital music?”

  1. Marvin on September 26th, 2009 1:16 pm

    Try FLStudio.

    It has plenty of tutorials – a very active user forum and is extremely good music creation and production

    Free trial available to get to grips with it.

    Will not save.