| Physical Cds vs. Digital Music ? $$?

Physical Cds vs. Digital Music ? $$?

Leo asked:

Which would get me more profit ?:

In my case as an independent artist (paying for all the services directly from my pocket) looking to sell my own music:

Selling online digital music (downloading)? or Selling physical Cd albums?

I mean, getting an online service that would handle selling my music in a digital downloadable format, as oppsed to, getting an online service that would handle creating physical audio cds and sell it.

Thank you


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2 Responses to “Physical Cds vs. Digital Music ? $$?”

  1. ifoughtthelaw369 on October 11th, 2009 7:21 pm

    I think much of the public would prefer digital, but most of the public listens to crappy “hot 100″ mainstream stuff. I like actually owning a CD that is physical, isn’t going to get lost if I forget to back it up and my computer crashes, plus there is album art, etc. I have actually been buying old records, and my parents think I’m crazy, but I like physically owning the music. I don’t even have a record player, lol. I think CD’s and records should be more sought after than buying everything digital. I mean, 20 years from now when my kids want to be able to listen or go through what I grew up listening to, I would rather have them going through my albums and CDs, not scrolling through iTunes or whatever the big thing is then.

    I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way about music now adays. I would buy an album online even if I had to wait a week for it to ship. I already do that anyways, lol.

  2. warriorheartdrummer on October 13th, 2009 7:19 pm


    Physical CDs are very expensive to make….because of Graphic design, duplication and packaging costs. You’re looking at $500 to $1000 on that alone….not counting your recording costs

    Check out

    this site rocks because you get to keep
    all your copyirhgts to your songs too.
    You pay $30 a year to store 5 songs…
    so a full 10 song album will cost you about $60 a year…
    and you still keep all your rights as a Solo Artist.
    Hope this helps…