I need a program to create music?

Shadow Lor asked:

Preferably free. I’ve just gotten into composing digital music and I can’t seem to find any programs. Idk if there’s any freeware that’s good…if not, what’s the cheapest but quality program out there?? I already have Finale Notepad and Finale Allegro, but Allegro has really poor quality chords. Help!
PS I forgot to mention most of my stuff is orchestral/classical lol

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Physical Cds vs. Digital Music ? $$?

Leo asked:

Which would get me more profit ?:

In my case as an independent artist (paying for all the services directly from my pocket) looking to sell my own music:

Selling online digital music (downloading)? or Selling physical Cd albums?

I mean, getting an online service that would handle selling my music in a digital downloadable format, as oppsed to, getting an online service that would handle creating physical audio cds and sell it.

Thank you


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Transferring music on ipod to new account and computer?

irepresstheband asked:

I have a new laptop and would like to create a new iTunes account on it. However, before I do it, I would like to know if there is any way to copy the music on my iPod to a new account on a different computer. I am also thinking about buying a Touch soon and I would like to know if I can transfer the music to my Touch, or will Digital Rights Management prevent me from doing that. Thanks…
Go to www.burlinsondental.com

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What would a high-tech art studio look like?

G asked:

Can you picture a technology based art studio and gallery space for two dozen digital (photos, video, music, etc) and physical artists (paint, sculpture, performance, installation, etc)? What would it look like? How would it work? How could you make the space valuable to the artists and the community while having a business model that makes it worthwhile? What would make you want to go there and visit, interact, and create?

Give us some good ideas and you may help shape a new type of art space.

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I need help making a music video! Please help if you can! TY?

sk8ter asked:

I am a student trying to make a music video for a scholarship, I was hoping someone could give me some tips? I have just a regular digital camera, a song that I wrote, and the music for the song. I am the singer and I have my best friend who is willing to be in it. The only program I have to create it on is Windows Movie Maker, can anyone give some tips… I think I have it all figured out, im just looking for any other little detail work i might need… thank you

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Is this a good business idea?

Robert Weinstein asked:

Hi. I’m 15 and I want to start my own online company. I want to make real money ($100-$300 a day), not kid money. I don’t want to start an affiliate marketing business, but I want to start an online service company of some sort. Reseller hosting is a very saturated industry so here are my other ideas.

1. A digital music distribution/marketing company. There is a site called Tunecore which lets people sell their songs on iTunes. But for my company, we would find new bands/artists and provide that service for them. We would also provide a wide variety of marketing services. We could build band websites and market them on Facebook and other social networking sites. I could probably charge $100 for the site, and $70-$150 per album placed on iTunes (they would keep 100% royalties, they only pay the one time fee).

2. I found a free web script that lets you create a website where bands/artists can create profiles, share their music, and listeners can rate, share, chat, follow, etc. It is sort of like purevolume.com, but aiming at a smaller niche of new bands and artists. We would make money from ads and affiliate products :) .

3. I’ve been looking, and they dont have websites that review bands. It might take a long time to write reviews though.

4. A website where people can buy and sell websites/domains. Like flippa.com, but I’m positive the industry is not really saturated, and I could make some money. I would charge a fee if the transaction is successful.

5. Lots of phone review sites go a lot into depth about phones, that it sometimes can be confusing. I have gotten a lot of feedback from elders saying that people in the phone stores are useless. I was thinking of making a site that reviews cell phones, but just gets to the point (who the phone is for, best features, pros, cons, final recommendation).

What other things could I do to make a lot of money ($100-$300 a day) online? Are any of my ideas good? Please don’t say I should’t post ideas on YahooAnswers, because i just want some feedback. I really want to know how to make a lot of money online.

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Becoming a Digital Recording Artist?

Tyred123 asked:

I remember reading somewhere that CDs were becoming obsolete and it certainly seems like this is so. I like to sing and I want to create my own album entirely on the computer and market it. How would I go about doing this? What books or websites would be helpful for me to create and market my music? What type of software will I buy to make the music? What would I need to do legally (trademarking, copyrighting etc.)

Of course for such as in depth question, I definitely will be awarding a 10 points for the best answer. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Musician needs help creating a makeshift home studio?

KurtR asked:

I use (extensively) a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder to lay down ideas and demos. It has the perfect warmth, and is much more basic and not as convoluted as many digital multi-track recorders. I have many mics, guitars, effects, cables…everything I need to make a mini-home studio for creating demos and fleshing out ideas.

But I’ve begun to need more than 4 tracks. And I can’t seem to find a multi-track cassette recorder that can make more than four. Here’s my question:

1. Is there a multi-track cassette recorder that can create more than 4 tracks?
2. Is there a mixing “box”/board I can run instruments through to increase the amount of instruments recorded on each track…so I can cheat and get two or three instruments on each track versus just 1?

My goal is to create an inexpensive, analog mini-studio in my home so I can continue to enjoy creating music and having a great time. But I’m getting to the point where I need 7,8, or even 9 tracks! Keeping the warmth and purity of analog is crucial to me – I’ve used digital before and it sounds too crisp and fake. What do you think would be a good solution?

Thanks! :)

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Creating and Recording Songs?

Chika D. asked:

What type of eletronic or digital keyboard should I get, because I want to create the songs I write into music. What keyboard has everything instrument and also vocal recording so that I will be able to sing with it. Also is there any good music recording software for computers to edit and create music and beats?????

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Music and Sound Effects for My Dinosaur Movie?

Timothy M asked:

Guys, What if Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, Mark Mancina and James Horner compose the music for my dinosaur movie, Dinosaurs: An Epic Prehistoric Tale? What if the music for my dinosaur movie may sound like and similar to the music of The Lion King, The Power of One, Disney’s Dinosaur, Disney’s Tarzan, The Jurassic Park Films, Disney’s Mighty Joe Young, Waterworld, The Lord of the Rings films and The Rescuers Down Under? What if Sound Designers Randy Thom, Christopher Boyes, Ethan Van Der Ryn, David Farmer, Tom Myers, and Matthew Wood and their team of sound effects people will set out to create dinosaur sounds by mixing together numerous different animal vocalizations to make the audience feel as though giant bellowing prehistoric beasts surrounded them? What if my movie is mixed at Skywalker Sound and Park Road Post in Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS ES and SDDS Sound? How would the sound work in my movie be a milestone in terms of innovation in sound effects? Well, Tell me.

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Are Expensive Digital TV Cables Worth It ?

rmswing asked:

In the days of analogue TV and music, good quality cables made a big difference compared say to the cheapest ‘bell wire’. Poor connections could really badly affect an analogue signal. I am thinking that now with Digital 0s and 1s as long as the wires are properly connected all the information is present in the stream for the device to create the picture. Is there any technical reason for buying these expensive cables?


I guess though, if you are spending £1,000 on a Large Plasma screen you want the best possible signal from your source the cost of the cable isn’t an issue!

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Which is better? Digital recording or Computer recording?

lilpopprincessqt asked:

I’m a singer/songwriter and I’m really interested in starting to produce my own music to take on some more creative control. But I’m not really sure how to start. I’d basically have to set up my own in home recording studio. I’m looking for something I can understand and teach myself how to do that isn’t too outlandishly expensive, but at the same time be able to create new songs with professional quality. What do you think I should try?

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is this legal & fair use?

Katie asked:

A middle school math teacher is focusing on the relationship between music and math and decided to have his class create web pages with music. He gave them a choice of recording their own digital midi music or copying it from the Net and then inserting it into the web pages before posting it on the school server.

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Need a Good Microphone for use with USB Sound Blaster Digital Music Premium HD?

Tony asked:

I’d like to create vocal and music files and looking for a microphone to use with SB-DM-PHD. It has to be a stereo condenser microphone and either 3.5mm or 6.3mm will do just fine since I have a 3.5mm to 6.3 converter. I’m not looking for a headset nor a cheap to-be-used-with-skype-and-chat. I’d like to record some acoustic guitar, a little bit of jazz with a trumpet, and some regular voice input (not singing, just talking) and even voice recognition on my laptop. Any ideas?

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